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Do you already get the Lifeline benefit?
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The Affordable Connectivity Program was administered by USAC with oversight from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


Your internet company may be able to assist you in staying connected. Consumers should reach out to their internet company to see if they offer alternative low-cost internet plans. They may be able to help you enroll in a new and affordable plan even though the ACP benefit is no longer available.

Why can I no longer apply for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)?
Due to a lack of additional funding from Congress, the ACP stopped accepting new applications as of February 7, 2024. The last fully funded month of the ACP was April 2024, and the program has ended for now. If Congress provides more funds for the ACP, the FCC will issue additional information.

When will my ACP benefit end?
The last fully funded month of the ACP was April 2024 and the program has ended for now. Contact your internet company if you have questions about your bill.

Can I still save on internet service?

You may qualify for Lifeline, a government program that offers eligible consumers up to $9.25 off the cost of phone, internet, or bundled services (up to $34.25 if you live on qualifying Tribal lands). To apply, you’ll have to provide your information again; we cannot transfer your information to the Lifeline application.