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How to Transfer Your ACP Benefit

If you wish to transfer your ACP benefit to a new company you may transfer your benefit once a month.

To transfer your benefit to another company, contact a company that offers ACP and ask them to transfer your ACP benefit. You may need to reapply before your company can transfer you. If you received a discounted internet connected device (laptop, tablet or desktop computer) through the program, you cannot receive a new discounted device, even if you change internet companies.

When your new company is ready to transfer you, they will need the following information to process the request:

  • Your full name, date of birth, the identity information you provided with your application, home address, phone number, and
  • Your consent (verbal or written) to transfer your benefit

*** You may be eligible to transfer your benefit more than once per calendar month. Ask your company if you are eligible for a transfer exception.

In most cases, you should not experience an interruption in service.